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'Bucuria Copiilor' Association Association logo
General data:
    Association name: "Bucuria Copiilor" means Children's Joy
    Foundation date: October 25, 2004
    License no.: 261/06.04.2005; 30-1/92507
    Fiscal code: 17478108, issued in 13.04.2005
    Address: Grigore Ureche Str., no. 18/A, Timisoara, 300621, Timis County, Romania
    Approvals from: Ministry of Education, Research and Youth; Ministry of Culture and Cults; Ministry of Labour, the Family and Equal Opportunities
Association leadership:
    Executive council:
      President: Lidia Rechesan
      Vice-president: Miodrag Rechesan
      Secretary: Ecaterina Alasu
    Censor: Daniela Barbura
Association character:
    Association is a juridical person, private, non-profit, non-politic, non-governmental - independent from state or political bodies - established through the free initiative of founding members.
    The association has the objective to be non-profit, non-patrimonial, consisting mainly in supporting the people in needs (women, old people, orphans, families with numerous children, young married couples) and to contribute for fulfillment of spiritual and cultural-educational needs of various peoples and communities, promoting ethical, moral and spiritual values.
Means for reaching the scope:
  • support materially the children and talented young people, for their affirmation in the domains they manifest inclination;
  • material and moral support for pregnant women preventing the growth of abortions number;
  • help persons that suffer from specific disease and illness;
  • improve living conditions of old people;
  • involvement in professional forming activities of unemployed people and their requalification;
  • assist the people in material difficulties;
  • improve social reintegration methods for persons that executed a freedom privative penalty;
  • promote national cultures of local ethnical minorities;
  • run any other activity that helps in reaching the scope.
Means for action:
  • training and improving activities for talented young people by offering scholarships, specializations, conditions to study and training, equipments procurement and exchange of experience;
  • cooperation with other juridical persons without lucrative scope, with physical persons, but also with juridical persons other than those that develop similar activities (state bodies, commercial companies, self-governing administrations;
  • raising the cultural and scientific level through Christian social and moral methods;
  • subsidize editing of books, magazines, brochures at reduced prices to facilitate the access of people interested in Association's programs;
  • offering material and spiritual assistance to those in orphanages, hospitals, asylums and prisons;
  • promote patriotic spirit and Christian belief;
  • extend the material, social and Christian moral contribution for those in needs by founding clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, kindergartens, schools, social canteens, requalification centers for unemployed people and structures with tasks concerning social reintegration of former convicts;
  • support young people by building sports bases, resorts, chalets, camping places and camps for healthy and harmoniously development;
  • publish an informative bulletin containing the data about Association's activities and scholarships offered in Romania and abroad;
  • equip with medical or technical apparatus the sanitary units that lend specialized assistance to social categories mentioned above;
  • promote national and ethnical minority cultures by publishing and organizing spectacles, literary circles, cultural-scientific creation camps, festivals with internal and international participation;
  • support the activities of agricultural companies by preparing development programs for rural districts;
  • involvement in activities developed in livestock farms, agriculture etc., ensuring the required technical endowment;
  • organize training and improving courses for young people covering information technology domain;
  • build a computer network and open a website to facilitate the communication;
  • run any other activity that might lead to reach the Association scope.
Activity objective:
    Construction and launch a vacation village for running camps, seminaries and conferences for children, youth and adults. The targeted social category is represented by children from families facing social, material and financial problems, including those with special needs.
Bank account:
    Asociaþia Bucuria Copiilor
    Bank: BRD - Groupe Société Générale Address: Romania, Timisoara, Socrates Str., no.1
    IBAN accounts: RO50BRDE360SV79045013600 (ROL), RO94BRDE360SV79045103600 (USD)
Contact information: