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Deployed and planned activities

Current status:

  • Inside finishing of main building's ground floor is in progress.
  • Also, we are waiting for volunteers to help us arrange the terrain of vacation village. Click here to find out how can you get involved into this ministry.

Plans for future:

Action Date
Continue the works at the main building until its finish (mount inner doors, indoor facilities, plastering, inside and outside finishing). 2016
Construction of the main septic fossa. Level and arrange the terrain, playground places and sports activities. Equip the buildings with furniture, heating system, appliances etc. Hire the qualified personnel. 2016
Inauguration ceremony of vacation village. Organize trips, camps, seminars and conferences. 2016

Events history:

Event Date
Vision of the camp 1993
Design a camp presentation project Mar. 2001
A proper land was found and we received the funds for property purchase May 2001
Land purchase Jun. 2001
Approval for demolishing old buildings was acquired Jun. 2001
Build the first webpage on Internet Jul. 2001
Demolishing old buildings and reuse construction materials Jun.-Aug. 2001
Clean the land and pull out the rocks from foundation Jul.-Sep. 2001
Cut off dead and deformed trees Sep. 2001
Found serious and hearty planner and architect. Make and share printed brochures. Oct. 2001
Topographical measurements performed. Rectify data in Landed Book. Nov. 2001
Frontal property enclosing. Geological analysis. Mar. 2002
Buildings placement project done May 2002
Clean the land and pull out the rocks from foundation Jul. 2002
Hosting houses project done. Urbanism certification was acquired. Aug.-Sep. 2002
Build surrounding fence Apr. 2003
Organize the construction site. Building of administrative house. May-Aug. 2003
Obtain the construction authorization. Begin the works of building first hosting house. Aug. 2003
Connect to electrical power supply. Sep. 2003
Furnish and endow the administrative house. Plough part of the garden. Nov. 2003
Prepare the works for second hosting house (material purchasing, organize construction site) Jan.-Mar. 2004
Building of a fold for watch-dog Apr. 2004
Summer camp with kids from Sanmihaiu German Jul. 2004
Begin the construction of second hosting house Jul. 2004
Finishing of first hosting house (painting, coloring) Jul. 2004
King's Kids children camp Aug. 2004
Build the walls and the roof of hosting house no. 2 Aug.-Dec. 2004
Finished the project and acquiring construction approval for main building Apr. 2005
Construction of first septic fossa Apr. 2005
Water supply system from well for first hosting house. Installation of wood driven boiler for hot water. Apr. 2005
Weekend trip for children's leaders from Agape church May 2005
Indoor plastering of second hosting house May-Jun. 2005
Equip first hosting house with furniture and beds May-Jun. 2005
Summer camp with children from Ghiroda Jun. 2005
Drill a well and found water at the depth of 160m (525ft.) Jul. 2005
Summer camp with children from Cenei Jul. 2005
Plough the garden. Dig the ditches for water drains. Oct. 2005
Summer camp with children from Agape church Jun. 2006
Summer camp with Agape Church youth Jul. 2006
Summer camp with children from Cenei Aug. 2006
Install the heating system for first hosting house Feb. 2007
Level the ground, extend outside parking place and arrange a plateau for sports activities Apr. 2007
Begin the construction of the main building May 2007
Update the website with news and pictures Jun.-Jul. 2007
Outside plastering and painting the duplex hosting house Jul. 2007
Build inside walls, the sidewalk and drain ditches for rain waters all around main building. Sep. 2007
Build the outside plumbing for water supply (including sewage) for all four houses, inside plumbing of the duplex house and main building's first floor, also the heating plumbing in the duplex house. Jan.-Mar. 2008
Construction works at the main building: build second floor, attic and raise the roof. Apr.-Sep. 2008
Mount the covering sheet on the roof. Jan.-Feb. 2009
Mount the windows and outside doors to the main building. Apr. 2009
Camp with kids from Voiteg village. May 2009
Camp with kids and teenagers from Filadelfia (Timisoara) church. Jun. 2009
Camp with kids from Mosnita village. Camp with kids from Aletheia (Timisoara) church. Aug. 2009
Indoor finishing of duplex house: mount plasterboards, floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary installations, linoleum flooring, whitewash. Equip the rooms with 48 beds. Mar.-Apr. 2010
Begin the terrain leveling. Camp for kids with disabilities. Two days meeting after 10 years with former Joshua Group. May 2010
Plastering works at ground floor of the main building. Build and place the roof over the terrace at second floor. May - Jun. 2010