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Involvement means

Even if each person or company has its own needs and is searching continuously for new income sources, our belief is that material and financial prosperity does not come gathering everything for yourself, but on the contrary by giving with generosity to those in need who use the received resources with wisdom and responsibility. Only in this way we can be blessed, also being a blessing to those around us. We pray that God recompense your charity and many thanks for your choice to get involved in one way or the other into this ministry.


If you are a businessman and wish to "invest" a piece of your company income for a noble cause, we invite you to contact us for contracting a sponsorship. Thus you can benefit of the rights granted by Romanian sponsoring law LAW no. 32 from May 19, 1994 - "tax deduction with equivalent of sponsoring value"). If you wish to have your anonymity guaranteed, please use the below bank account to wire the money to "Bucuria Copiilor" Association that takes care about vacation village development.

    Asociaþia Bucuria Copiilor
    Bank: BRD - Groupe Société Générale Address: Romania, Timisoara, Socrates Str., no.1
    IBAN accounts: RO94BRDE360SV79045003600 (ROL), RO94BRDE360SV79045103600 (USD)


If you are a physical or juridical person and wish to contribute materially or financially to cover some of the expenses for construction and camps organizations, we invite you to contact us for letting you know our needs and donation transfer method.


If you are a team leader or a simple good person and wish to help us practically, we wait you to contact us for letting us know your abilities and to establish a cooperation agreement.


If actually you can't contribute with a donation but you are a true believer and trust God to fulfill what you ask, then here you have some of vacation village prayer requests: material, financial and human resources accomplishment, protection, guidance, wisdom, favor and justice.